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Recast Sales Diagnostic©

The Recast Sales Diagnostic© provides an outside-in perspective of the structural sophistication of your salesforce. With more than fifteen years working with sales organisations we can talk about your relative position, or for a more actionable assessment we can also assess your major competitors.

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The diagnostic takes anywhere from three days to three weeks per discrete sales organisation, depending on the level of detail required. This is not an assessment of the calibre of your Sales Reps and leadership, but Recast Partners can separately discuss appropriate techniques for that.

The diagnostic consists of 4-5 steps:

Read more about the categories and subjects in the Recast Diagnostic, or sign up to Recast Tools for a free template and detailed guide.

  • Utilises data already being captured
  • Due diligence and comparison of the data is carried out to identify potential inconsistencies or data issues which can suggest entirely incorrect conclusions
  • A consolidated picture is created of recent trends and relative performance by various dimensions (e.g. territories, sales reps, customer segments, products)
  • We carry out intense 45min Q&A sessions with key stakeholders to understand your organization’s approach, structure and processes in detail
  • The level of competitive information available is greatly dependent between companies and industries, but we will utilize existing competitor intelligence, selected customer and ex-employee interviews and desktop search to replicate as much of the client diagnostic as possible for direct comparison
  • Your sales model is assessed against 28 discrete variables split between the seven categories of structure and tools required to deploy a successful sales team: Sales Strategy, Market Segmentation and Tracking, Offer, Deployment, Talent Management, Sales Process, Sales Tools & Analytics
  • Potential and active projects are identified and mapped by their value vs. the effort and management attention required
  • The process typically identifies a number of potential quick wins as well as strategic priorities where Commercial Operations and investment should be focused
  • One or more options of sets of complementary sales improvement projects are developed, costed and with potential value and risk attached wherever possible. Depending on the detail of the Diagnostic, the recommendation could include options in resourcing, approaches and an impact assessment on the existing organization