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Commercial Excellence

Commercial Excellence is the application of the same discipline seen in Finance, Procurement and Operations to Sales and Marketing functions. Increasing win rates and deal size, enriching pipelines and maximizing selling time are universal client challenges. The transformation in how Commercial functions are managed has arrived hand in hand with new technology and can be just as disruptive to existing markets.

Our client processes are often not written down, or if they are do not match what actually happens on the ground. Keeping up to date with centrally driven performance improvements and new tools is a never-ending distraction for Sales & Marketing teams. A strong internal Commercial or Sales Operations team can help navigate the maze, but these are often still immature or fully committed to large structural projects.


Recast Partners has developed a results-orientated approach to Commercial Excellence developed over twenty years experience as both Sales and Marketing leaders as well as external consultants. We believe in delivering targeted, highly prioritized Initiatives in close cooperation with our clients. Beyond deployment, we ensure we leave behind the necessary capabilities embedded in our client organizations, alongside benefits tracking and a clear vision for how the commercial function will continue to evolve.

We are intimately familiar with the full end to end sales and marketing process, as well as the challenges of practically implementing structure and change.

Coaching, incentives and training sit at the heart of today’s strong commercial performance. The effort required to setup strong talent management systems is quickly repaid. Recast Partners does not do Sales Rep training, but can recommend suitable providers if necessary.

Providing a single multi-channel customer experience is an opportunity for incremental revenue and better customer intelligence. We design systems and processes so that every contact point is thought through and every opportunity to leverage information is taken advantage of.

Commercial success arises from deploying the right resources to the right areas of opportunity (geographical or otherwise), while being careful not to fall into the trap of believing size of revenue in a territory today corresponds to its potential tomorrow. We help companies set the right territories and implement systems and processes to put them in practice.

The relationship between Sales and other functions is antagonistic in too many companies. Modern B2B companies set SLAs, align metrics and invest in cross-functional relationships so that digital marketing, brand-building and product management all support demand generation.