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Commercial Strategy

Whether in a growing or declining market environment, successful commercial teams have a detailed understanding of their target market segments, develop specific value propositions and pricing based on customer preferences and deploy targeted resources to meet specific objectives.


At Recast Partners we bring over 10 years experience in designing strategy for the world’s leading private equity and publicly listed companies. We believe the purpose of a commercial strategy is to inform tactics on the ground, and so our work is focused on identifying the specific changes in resources, structure, systems and behaviours required in the Sales and marketing function for our clients to be successful.

Older Sales and Marketing teams are too often unaware of where the real value for them lies in the market. It’s only with a detailed and fact-based understanding of market dynamics can sustainably profitable opportunities be identified. We do:

  • Internal and external market data collation and analysis
  • Share of wallet assessment
  • Customer insight and behaviours
  • Competitor profiling

Customer purchasing behaviour is continually evolving, having a product designed around customer needs and priced based on their use remains one of the biggest contributors to win rate. We do:

  • Value proposition design
  • Product positioning and packaging
  • Value-based pricing
  • Demand generation

Sales and Marketing organizations need to be designed around the company’s business objectives, rather than the other way around. While retaining years of un-codified experience, it is vital that the right number and type of resources are deployed to go after key drivers of growth. We do:

  • Structure and territory allocation
  • Roles and resourcing
  • Spans and layers analysis
  • RAID/ RAPID decision making
  • Commercial Operations design
  • Operating rhythm setup