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Recast CRM Tune-Up©

CRM is a hygiene factor for commercial operations in companies of all sizes, however according to a report from CSO Insights 52% of companies do not agree that their CRM improves the productivity of their salespeople and only 10% have achieved full usage. Despite the prevalence CRM solutions delivering information and services impossible five years ago, their practical deployment often disappoints.


Recast Partners has over 20 years experience running multinational CRM implementations and of leading teams which have had CRM deployed to them. We have seen many of the same mistakes made around the world by both sales management and systems integrators and can often immediately spot quick wins with massive impact.

Our Recast CRM Tune-Up service has been designed to produce the highest Return on Investment of our services. We help companies realize the value from sunk costs in development time, software licenses and CRM customization.

We are Certified Salesforce Administrator and Sales Cloud Consultants.

A review of the original business goals and management alignment on any changes.

A 360 degree assessment of the status of the CRM system and its adoption today based on input from across the business (including channel partners and customers where appropriate)

A deep-dive on “productivity blockers” in the company, identifying administrative duties holding back employees and where significant manual labour is being invested in doing things like creating parallel reporting.

Identification of the few key changes required to change the perception of the CRM amongst employees and to turn the dial on commercial success.

Detailed design, development, configuration and deployment of systems, data, processes automation alongside process changes.

Installation of comprehensive benefits realisation tracking, feedback loops and agile/ lean processes to ensure changes stick and that the next set of opportunities/ annoyances are addressed in the future.