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Recast Portfolio Profit Hunt©

Private Equity owners are increasingly sophisticated about how they prioritize their value creation activities across their entire portfolio. Sales & Marketing is now seen as a key functional opportunity, alongside more traditional portfolio operations like adjacent market and procurement optimization.

Pulling together the detail at individual portfolio company (and BU) level using conventional approaches is highly time consuming and costly, using resources are usually deployed directly on value creation programmes.


Recast Partners offers a dedicated PE portfolio service based on an adapted version of its Recast Sales Diagnostic©. The Private Equity Portfolio Commercial Profit Hunt© consists of five steps:

Agreement of targeted width and depth for the profit hunt. Width relates to how prioritized the diagnostic of each portfolio company (and BUs are) – From an equally deep focus on each to remote or no diagnostics on smaller portfolio companies. Depth relates to the detail required – Increasing detail requires extra resourcing, but more reliably identifies practical quick wins in addition to structural areas.

Execution of sales diagnostics following agreed specifications.

Rapid review of marketing KPIs, systems and ROI for marketing-specific opportunities.

Creation of a map of individual opportunities aggregated by portfolio company (and if appropriate other dimensions – e.g. geography).

Wherever possible given input, one or more options of sets of complementary sales improvement projects are developed, costed and with potential value and risk attached.