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Digital Transformation

Sales and Marketing tools have evolved in the last decade to sit at the core of high performing commercial teams. Just as the email client’s contact list has replaced the Filofax, so too is CRM replacing email clients, personal calendars and off-system planning. The CRM ecosystem has exploded to cover an ever-increasing range of sales processes, with the resulting data helping to drive performance and create insight based on advanced analytics.

Even forward-looking Sales and Marketing teams can find these choices bewildering and face challenges in their interactions with project teams tasked with deploying the solution.


Our team at Recast Partners has two decades of experience deploying commercial technology solutions as both Sales & Marketing leaders and internal/ external suppliers. Our approach ensures there is always a crystal clear business case and a set of success criteria before capital investment is made. For all but the lightest-touch tools, we observe that business process is invariably impacted and should be tackled at the beginning of the process, rather than in a rush at the end of a deployment (or sometimes never).

We have hands-on experience deploying and using a wide range of the most powerful B2B sales & marketing tools and our partnership with GTech Ventures allows us to deploy our own resources for cost effective and rapid custom solution development where needed.

Recast Partners has a unique approach to CRM deployment which is derived from our experience working in Sales & Marketing teams, in addition to system implementors. We lead lighter deployments end to end, or work closely with systems integration experts selected by our clients when significant ERP and other custom integration is required. We make sure there is sufficient engagement with the commercial team, that business requirements are sufficient and that the right decisions are made about customizing software versus tweaking sales processes avoid high risk releases we prefer to work with client teams to introduce agile methodologies where not already present. We are Salesforce Certified Administrators and Sales Cloud Consultants

Clients often approach us after a CRM deployment reporting that they do not see any performance benefit and are receiving negative feedback from the sales & marketing teams who have been saddled with extra administrative activities with limited upside. Recast Partners has developed the Recast CRM Tune-Up© to address Commercial team annoyances and target the small set of specific changes to systems and/ or business processes which will lead to concrete financial benefits.

Recast Partners works with Sales and Marketing Operations teams to develop a clear business case and guide our clients through the process of tool selection, configuration and deployment.

We are seeing a rapid increase in client demand for Sales and Marketing-specific data analytics support. We have worked inside some of the world’s most advanced data science teams and with corporates and private equity companies exploring what commercially-focused data science will look like in the next few years. Recast Partners works with specialist data scientists to clean source data and setup the required technical architecture to support a well thought through hierarchy of KPIs aligned to the company’s business objectives.