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The Warranty Group

After supporting the Warranty Group on a continental European Sales & Marketing restructuring, Recast Partners were approached by owners TPG to turnaround the UK business which was in decline.

We worked closely with the leadership team to create a data-driven plan of how to return the business to growth by identifying target customer segments, refreshing the value proposition and restructuring the go-to-market strategy.

TWG UK fully implemented the strategy, posting double digit annual growth and the majority of the European group’s incremental profit.

Case details

Client name:
The Warranty Group
Business Services, Automotive, Private Equity

The Warranty Group was the market leader in the UK and the company’s largest European business. The sales department was focused on serving the operational needs of its customer assets. In the last 18 months TWG had lost some of its largest clients and combined with inertia in the core business had suffered double digit losses in revenue.

1. Identify target segments
  • Data purchased and processed for each of the UK’s 20 main OEMs, top 200 dealer groups and 10,000 car dealerships
  • Market segmented into four distinct customer types and by accessibility to TWG in next 18 months
  • Target market segments identified, quantified and prioritized after being assessed by attractiveness and TWG’s ability to win
2. Refresh value proposition
  • Key customer products and contracts updated around specific customer needs, with a particular focus on co-branded partnership with RAC and TWG’s flagship OEM relationships
  • New customer segment created with “ServiceCare” product for car servicing and repair businesses
3. Restructure Go to Market strategy
  • Complete overhaul of sales roles and organizational structure. Dedicated Business Development team created to drive new customer acquisition
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud deployed to the full sales team, using market data to provide targeted leads to individual sales reps
  • New operating rhythm deployed instituting best practice in pipeline and client management
36% annual growth in UK warranties

The Warranty Group’s Authorised Dealer programme partnership with RAC grew at the fastest ever rate

100% retention of OEM clients

No further clients were lost, with under-risk contracts defended and then returned to growth

#1 largest UK customer acquired

Kwikfit became the reference client for the new ServiceCare offering and quickly became the company’s biggest UK client