Recast Partners were approached Algeco and TDR Capital to create an 18-month European Sales Effectiveness programme, identified as one of the key value creation opportunities in a major company transformation. We conducted a two week Diagnostic to identify specific opportunities and worked closely with the Managing Directors as well as senior Sales leaders to setup delivery capabilities in each Business Unit.

Recast Partners supported the Initiatives through pilots in target countries to quantify the total potential value opportunity and to provide a roadmap for adoption across the Group.


Client name:
Private Equity, Industrial Products

Algeco was comprised of four largely stand-alone Business Units, with differences in systems, processes and Sales models. Sales and Marketing had traditionally been managed at a branch level, with national commercial functions only recently being built.

Algeco’s owners had set the new company leadership team an aggressive set of growth expectations for the next 18 months, with a focus on Sales and Marketing-led growth.

1. Recast Sales Diagnostic©
  • Conducted a diagnostic of the sales results and sales model across seven dimensions and 28 total capabilities for two priority Business Units
  • Extrapolated detailed diagnostic across full business portfolio to create recommendations for three Sales Effectiveness initiatives
2. Deployment of common Sales Activities and Objectives across all Business Units
  • Created a hierarchy of Sales Objectives and Activities arising from the company’s financial objectives
  • Identified local differences in definitions, measurement and terminology and created a roadmap for moving to group standards enabled by deployment of Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Set targets for each Business Unit, Region and Sales Rep aligned with financial objective
  • Setup an integrated operating rhythm and feedback process from sales territories up to corporate executive board meetings
3. Expired customer reactivation
  • Scanned organization for lead opportunities in all Business Units, identifying 28 sources of under-utilized information
  • Prioritized telephone-based reactivation of expired customers in one pilot Business Unit as well as selected tactical efforts in other Business Units to test the relative attractiveness of different types of lead
4. Website and digital marketing
  • Set targets for a set of common KPIs for website and digital marketing across all Business Units, adjusting budgets where necessary to realize targeted growth
  • Setup a light-touch central function, supporting the sharing of best practice and expansion of relationship with key digital marketing agency from one to all key Business Units
  • Created 18 month digital marketing plans for each Business Unit, including deployment of Marketing Automation, adoption of lead scoring and integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud & Pardot
1,200 customer reactivations

43% of expired customers were called in pilot Business Unit A, resulting in over 12,000 units ordered

150% increase in face to face customer meetings

A shift from measuring activities as well as outputs identified easy opportunities to greatly increase the amount of customer contact in pilot Business Unit B

21% increase in website visits

Implementing advice from digital marketing agency alongside increased executive attention on demand generation helped website visitor numbers return to growth in pilot Business Unit A